Black Friday starts early this year!!!

Black Friday starts early this year!!!  Starting today thru December 24th buy one get one free beater!! That’s Right 2 Outlaw Drum Bass Beaters for $39.99!! Buy HERE! 
 Outlaw Drums is proud to present our kick drum beaters that will get you noticed!  Using End grain boards much like chopping blocks, gives a harder, deeper sound. Each comes with a Polished Stainless Steel rod, Plus a replaceable felt pad. We can even engrave your initials for an additional $10.00. The wood is born of the same first generation heart pine wood; The wood that has become the signature of the company, these Hammers provide a larger kick presence than ordinary felt beaters. The Hammers incorporate two different angled impact sides that provide two different impact results.  One side remains round while the other is angled on a perfect 9 Degrees to meet the kick drum head straight on.  Meeting the kick head “straight on” provides maximum coverage and contact with the head, increasing the effect on the strike-zone.  Utilizing an angled beater also extends the life of the drum head. Buy it once, play it forever with Life Time Warranty!! To buy click HERE   

Finding your sound for under $50.00

Finding the sound that defines you as a drummer might not be as easy as you think. Not having a $1000 laying around is common these days. So here are some tips on making your snare drum sound great for under $50.00.

  • Replacing heads- Changing your drum heads and strainer. It may sound so obvious but it often gets overlooked. By adding a new drum head with a thinner head; I like a evens G1 coated on your batter side and a hazy 300 snare side; it lets the drum breath and sound wetter. It brings the natural tones of the drums to the surface. Plus, you can always add muffing to the head if you want to dry it up.  This by itself will make a huge difference, you can reach a more dynamic range.
  • Strainers -In my opinion you don’t need to spend $50.00 on a strainer to find your sound.  Most of the time the cheaper ones sound way better and last a long  time. If you want to try a different count, do so. It does help but you need a trained ear to really tell the difference.
  •  Bearing edges (Only for wood drums)- While your heads are off, check the bearing edges. These can be worn down from years of vibrations and stick hits. You can sharpen the edge with some sandpaper or a file. The sharper the edge, the brighter the sound.  The thickness of a sd card works fine on the top and bottom, you can play with this. I would keep it sharp on the snare side. If you wanted to add more vintage sound on the top you can make it wider.  Add some wax to the edge and let it dry.
  • The tension is everything! I know I’m going to get hated on here but after building 100s of drums I can say this… When tuning the lugs and the head, I go by feel.  The bottom head I tune really tight, almost where it’s scary.  Getting the bottom tighter than the top makes a significant difference in sound and tuning.  Once the bottom is tight, it is sensitive to the snare wires.  If you use a tune bot its 400 on the bottom and 300 on the top. Once the bottom is set I can then tune the top low or high, however I want it.
  •  If you have tried tuning and there is still a snare buzz you that won’t go away (Like a gnat in south Ga) try this to fix it:
    • Swap strings to ribbon if it will let you. You can buy ribbon at Walmart or Hobby Lobby that works great. Make sure you get the one with the ridges on it. It’s only a few bucks and there are lots of colors to pick from.
    • Change the wire counts on the snares or try a different brand. Sometimes just by changing out brands you will find one that works better. It has a lot to do with how it sets on the drum and having the right snare wire angle that will fit into the snare bed tight. If you can get the snare to fit in the bed nicely you have a winner!  You can also adjust the strainer so you can make it tighter. You don’t want it too tight because it will choke the drum out making it sound like a tin can.  After you have done all this try loosening up the four tension rods that surrounds the snare wires a bit.
    • More info on this from www.drumeo.commaking your drum kit sound fat , Tuning your snaredrum  ,  Make your cheap drum set sound good 

Shotgun Drum

This snare has shotgun shells built in for vents. This drum was inspired by the sharp pop of a shotgun blast.  Having ten vents on the drum shell dries up the overtones for clarity creating a one-of-a-kind sound great for concerts with that little bit of extra crack. The shell is made of centuries old lumber making it a true piece of Americana. This drum has 1/8 radius on the outside and a 45 on the inside. This drum sold before we could even put it on the market. We managed to get a quick sound file before we shipped it.  We can customize this drum to any size.

Watch video 


Send us your wood.

Ok get your mind out of the gutter! here

We took on this unique project transforming this antique door into a drum. We started by disassembling all the hardware, pulling all the nails, and prepping the wood. Then it was time to start milling and exfoliating the wood. After an in depth finishing process, we were left with a beautiful finished product. It gives us a sense of deep satisfaction to repurpose wood that would otherwise be destroyed and give it new life as a one of a kind, hand-crafted drum. Looking at the finished product you can’t help but wonder what this piece of antique wood could tell you about the journey it took from a sapling to a resonating work of art in a drum. This is what we do. Outlaw Drums.

If you want to see more on our kits click  here Rase littlefeild build

Picture Drum

Fun in the swamp with the outlaws

Outlaw Drums lets us see behind the scenes. Outlaw Drums

Outlaw Drums lets us see behind the scenes on the drums they build.
This drum kit was a slow build that took weeks to build. It was filled with so many obstacles and ideas to go through. My favorite part was having complete control of the turn out. The Outlaw kit was a mixture of Douglas fir and old virgin growth heart dating back before the 1800’s. The drum kit has a weathered textured feel, just like a old barn from years and rain. It was a 18×24 8×12 9×13 16×16 with all the joints are overlapped for ultra strength. The segmented shells will never go out of round or oval. The aged wood is locked in place and milled to the 64th of a inch for accuracy. The timeless timbers don’t flex, its very consistent. It took about 120 man hours to complete this project start to finish.


Fun in the swamp with the outlaws
It’s not always about the drums, sometimes it’s good to get a feel of where it came from. Just before shipping this drum out to my friend Tom Everson, I asked if we could do a small sound sample. So Derrick Wilkerson and I put on our mud boots and loaded up the gear and took off to the swamp. I think we got bit by more mosquitoes than ever. As soon as we started to play the frogs and snakes started coming out, as if they wanted to say something too. We waited for them to stop, decided to carry on! It was so hot, the camera lens need to be wiped off every minute or so. Risking our life from getting bit by alligators and snakes. Anything for drums RIGHT?? Overall it was a fun day that we won’t forget. More info on the wood where this drum came from: Since 1937 the Okefenokee Swamp has been protected from human progress. It is the largest swamp in North America. It covers approximately 700 square miles in the southeastern corner of Georgia and is home to more than 400 species of vertebrates, including more than 200 types of birds and 60 kinds of reptiles. Indians call this swamp “Land of the trembling earth”. Sabian 24″HH Pandora Ride Cymbal, the best I ever heard!!

Combining Heart Pine and Maple for a Custom drum kit.

We have been taking some time to talk about the reality of what we go through on building a custom drum kit. We just built a fun project!  We took some time to let you go deep into the bones on how we work.  Basically, people call me and tell us what kind of drums they want. What style of music and what finish types they like. We love doing drum kits that no one has seen before, completely one of a kind, one that has history, and one that can be passed down to your kids. Here Is our first video of how it works. Rase loved maple so we took it into account, combining Heart Pine and maple. The warmth of the heart pine helps tone down the brightness of maple.

Being part of the storytelling process.

“It’s so important to know the lyrics of the song that you’re playing. You can emotionally attach yourself to the song  and be apart of the songs storytelling process” says, legendary Styx Drummer “Todd Sucherman”.  So many drummers don’t pay attention to the music. They just play the bars overlooking the whole story telling process. Emotionally connecting to the song  will cause a greater depth and understanding the flow of the song.

Who is Todd Sucherman?

2015 saw Todd Sucherman win the Modern Drummer Readers Poll for #1 Progressive Rock Drummer as well as #1 Clinician in DRUM! Magazine all the while touring the world with the multi platinum rock band Styx. His “Methods and Mechanics” instructional DVD series has won multiple awards, and he remains an in demand drummer for recording sessions, clinics and drum festivals all over the world. But the musical history began basically at birth.…

Emily Goulds

Emily Gould unwraps her new snare drum for the first time

This was a fun build for the first time ever red on Douglas fir. Emily sends us some colors she likes then we decided to go with a transparent finish that shows off the centuries old wood without covering the wood up.

That’s right guys, I got my new snare in!! Check out my reaction as I see my new Outlaw custom snare. It is a thing of pure beauty! Get ready for loads of photos and videos!


Picture Drum

Memory Line

Picture Drum

The completion of our latest special custom snare delivered a lifetime of memories to one of our artist. Bobby Hill of Emi Sunshine and the Rain received this beautiful piece of work as a Christmas gift from his lovely wife. She called us and requested something special for Bobby. As we thought and wrestled with ideas, why not create something that we’ve never seen before. Let’s create a drum using pictures of his family, of his life. So it began, hand picking pictures that had tremendous amounts of sentiment. After several months of trial and error, we delivered an amazing instrument a 14×8 maple Outlaw snare that looks as good as it sounds.

Watch the video as it unfolds.


What is music all about? Music is about special memories. Memories you take with you for a lifetime. Memories when you hear a certain sound it takes you back to that place where you heard it for the first time. This is what we did for Bobby Hill of Emi Sunshine and the Rain. We created a special snare drum with the help of his lovely wife that will forever be his. We hand selected pictures of his family and life and created a lifetime of memories that he works with every night.