3 Ways Seniors Can Take Advantage of The Many Benefits of Music

3 Ways Seniors Can Take Advantage of The Many Benefits of Music

Looking for something to keep you busy during retirement? Then you should consider picking up a new instrument! Aside from being relaxing and entertaining, playing or even listening to music can have some real benefits for your body and mind.

Need some ideas for how to incorporate more music into your golden years? These creative tips courtesy of the kind folks at Outlaw Drums might be music to your ears.

Take Music Lessons Online

While there can be drawbacks to learning virtually, there are definitely some advantages. Convenience is an obvious perk but you can also choose lessons that fit your retirement budget. You can typically find both free and paid music lessons online if you do a little digging. Then you can take advantage of the perks of playing without putting your health or wallet at risk.

You can also pick up a new instrument online. If you’re looking for something truly special, consider ordering a handmade instrument, like quality drum kits from Outlaw Drums. Each of Outlaw’s drums is custom-built with reusable wood that produce the most authentic sound and help musicians show off their personal style. You can find cheaper instruments on the market but keep in mind that you get what you pay for when it comes to music.

One last thing: you need to think about staying safe if you plan on taking music lessons online. Unfortunately, there are countless criminals online looking to steal information, money, and more from people just like you. Opening the wrong link or using the same password could put you at risk for identity theft and so much more. That’s why you have to take steps to protect yourself.

Start an All-Senior Music Group

Want to practice your music skills in the real world? Then you should gather a few of your closest friends and start your very own retirement band. Seriously, there’s nothing like jamming out with a few buddies to put a smile on your face and send stress packing. Plus, the benefits of maintaining an active social life in retirement are undeniable. When you play music with other people, you’re bound to feel a greater sense of belonging and purpose.

If you don’t have a lot of friends who play instruments, you can always use your smartphone to connect with other local musicians. Download a social app like MeetUp or NextDoor and then create a post to meet like-minded folks in your area. These apps are completely free to use and you can even set up a meeting in a local park if you prefer to meet outside or have more space.

Now if you don’t feel comfortable meeting up with folks in person, you can also create a virtual music group. Use those same apps to meet other seniors who want to play instruments and then use a conferencing service to set up some online sessions. Just be sure that all of your members know how to use Zoom or whatever conferencing option you choose.

Make Listening to Music a Regular Habit

Playing an instrument can benefit your health but what about just listening to music? Well, it turns out that listening to your favorite songs can also have some benefits for your overall health and state of well-being. Music activates neurochemical processes and cognitive structures associated with a positive mood, emotional regulation, and memory retention. In simpler terms, listening to music can provide a boost for your mood and your focus.

Music can also help you sleep better at night, so long as you choose music that is calm and soothing. Researchers aren’t sure exactly how this perk works but they believe that listening to relaxing beats can help your heart beat slower, which prepares your body for restful sleep.

Whether you play or just listen, music just makes your life so much better! If you’re a senior looking for better health and more purpose, playing an instrument can give you both. Of course, if you just need a mood boost, listening to music can do the trick. No matter which option you choose, try to make music a part of your everyday routine.

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