Purple Heartbeat

We just sent out this beauty of a drum.  Its a purple heart 3×14 segmented snare.  I had one board of the purple heart left.  Just a short while before this order I gave this board to my Dad for his bowl turning.  When I took this board down from the shelf, I felt like I was taking it away from him even though he has been gone for months now.  This drum went to Gonzalo to play with his band Smoking Priests.  Check them out.  Hopefully, you will be able to pick out our drum on the next album. Smoking Priests

Quote from Gonzalo: ” Wow! Its amazing and sounds even better.  Thanks mate, definitely the right choice!!!!!!!”


This was a fun day with my dad cutting logs. Wish he was here!

dads last log2This was a fun day with my dad cutting logs. I miss that old man. Here is the video of the last log we cut as a team! The pain is still here. This old saw mill was a place Dad and I loved. It was our time together that made it so special. We would always get so excited to see the logs turn into boards. It was the anticipation of the next cut. He would look for the perfect grain pattern for his bowls as I was looking for the perfect cut for drums. Often, we would fight to see who would get that perfect board. I would get so aggravated when I would go out to the shop and see my perfect cut of wood claimed by my Dad for his bowls. He would just look me in the eye and pull rank as my Dad and take what he wanted. You can’t say no to your Dad! However, I did have a secret hiding spot in the rafters that I knew he would never think to look in for those awesome cuts of wood. Wonder what he would say if he knew that I hid the best wood? I bet he would get a good laugh. I would give anything to hear that laugh right now.