Dwight Yoakams Drummer

This is how we came across the amazing drummer Mitch Marine.

“I came across Outlaw Drums accidentally while browsing thru the Reverb website (sometimes ya just gotta have fun looking at new drums).  Anyway, I was very intrigued at the look of the drums and decided to explore their website to learn more about their drums.  I was very excited to learn that they were using repurposed wood from barns, bleachers, etc. because I love seeing people re using perfectly good items instead of filling up landfills with more stuff.  I was also very impressed with the artistry that was applied to making these drums.  How exciting to see beautiful drums with a great story and history attached to these one of a kind drums.  I showed my girlfriend the website (yes, I have a girlfriend who can geek out on drums) and we had a blast just checking out the drums and the stories behind how they found these different woods.

Fast forward to a Dwight Yoakam show in Tipton, Ga. in Nov. 2017, when I received a call from Derrick (Outlaw Drums marketing) who said that he would like to come down with Michael (Outlaw Drums builder) to show me some of their drums.  I jumped at the opportunity to actually play these drums, because it’s one thing to make beautiful, interesting drums…but if they don’t sound good, then what’s the point?  Well I’m happy to report that they sound as great or even better than they look.  I took the chance to tune them up in the dressing room and then take them out to the stage to hear what they sounded like in a real world environment.  Man do they sound great and can they cut through.  I really had a blast going from snare drum to snare drum listening to the unique differences of each drum.

Long story short, Outlaw Drums are great sounding, high quality drums from a great builder (Michael Outlaw), made from one of a kind, repurposed wood with a story and history to go along with the beauty of each drum.  If you’re looking for a great sounding snare drum, don’t hesitate to check them out against any snare drum!

Mitch Marine