Outlaw Drums lets us see behind the scenes. Outlaw Drums

Outlaw Drums lets us see behind the scenes on the drums they build.
This drum kit was a slow build that took weeks to build. It was filled with so many obstacles and ideas to go through. My favorite part was having complete control of the turn out. The Outlaw kit was a mixture of Douglas fir and old virgin growth heart dating back before the 1800’s. The drum kit has a weathered textured feel, just like a old barn from years and rain. It was a 18×24 8×12 9×13 16×16 with all the joints are overlapped for ultra strength. The segmented shells will never go out of round or oval. The aged wood is locked in place and milled to the 64th of a inch for accuracy. The timeless timbers don’t flex, its very consistent. It took about 120 man hours to complete this project start to finish.


Fun in the swamp with the outlaws

It’s not always about the drums, sometimes it’s good to get a feel of where it came from. Just before shipping this drum out to my friend Tom Everson, I asked if we could do a small sound sample. So Derrick Wilkerson and I put on our mud boots and loaded up the gear and took off to the swamp. I think we got bit by more mosquitoes than ever. As soon as we started to play the frogs and snakes started coming out, as if they wanted to say something too. We waited for them to stop, decided to carry on! It was so hot, the camera lens need to be wiped off every minute or so. Risking our life from getting bit by alligators and snakes. Anything for drums RIGHT?? Overall it was a fun day that we won’t forget. More info on the wood where this drum came from: Since 1937 the Okefenokee Swamp has been protected from human progress. It is the largest swamp in North America. It covers approximately 700 square miles in the southeastern corner of Georgia and is home to more than 400 species of vertebrates, including more than 200 types of birds and 60 kinds of reptiles. Indians call this swamp “Land of the trembling earth”. Sabian 24″HH Pandora Ride Cymbal, the best I ever heard!!