Being part of the storytelling process.

“It’s so important to know the lyrics of the song that you’re playing. You can emotionally attach yourself to the song  and be apart of the songs storytelling process” says, legendary Styx Drummer “Todd Sucherman”.  So many drummers don’t pay attention to the music. They just play the bars overlooking the whole story telling process. Emotionally connecting to the song  will cause a greater depth and understanding the flow of the song.

Who is Todd Sucherman?

2015 saw Todd Sucherman win the Modern Drummer Readers Poll for #1 Progressive Rock Drummer as well as #1 Clinician in DRUM! Magazine all the while touring the world with the multi platinum rock band Styx. His “Methods and Mechanics” instructional DVD series has won multiple awards, and he remains an in demand drummer for recording sessions, clinics and drum festivals all over the world. But the musical history began basically at birth.…

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