Picture Drum

Memory Line

Picture Drum

The completion of our latest special custom snare delivered a lifetime of memories to one of our artist. Bobby Hill of Emi Sunshine and the Rain received this beautiful piece of work as a Christmas gift from his lovely wife. She called us and requested something special for Bobby. As we thought and wrestled with ideas, why not create something that we’ve never seen before. Let’s create a drum using pictures of his family, of his life. So it began, hand picking pictures that had tremendous amounts of sentiment. After several months of trial and error, we delivered an amazing instrument a 14×8 maple Outlaw snare that looks as good as it sounds.

Watch the video as it unfolds.


What is music all about? Music is about special memories. Memories you take with you for a lifetime. Memories when you hear a certain sound it takes you back to that place where you heard it for the first time. This is what we did for Bobby Hill of Emi Sunshine and the Rain. We created a special snare drum with the help of his lovely wife that will forever be his. We hand selected pictures of his family and life and created a lifetime of memories that he works with every night.

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