This was one of the highlights of my trip to NAMM 2016. I’ve seen this product at previous NAMM shows but this time I got to try it out for myself. For $200.00 you get a full AERODRUMS package that lets you experience an air drum kit in the comfort of your own home without the noise and space that an acoustic drum kit carries with it.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, AERODRUMS is a company that makes “Air Drumming” a reality. With special beads that you place on sticks on software that allows you to adjust your “air drum” placement, AERODRUMS allows a drummer to play in the air and hear and experience themselves as if they were playing on an actual live drum kit. Pictures won’t do the explaining so I suggest hopping on to YouTube and searching “Aerodrums.” Here is a link:


I noticed a couple interesting things about the AERODRUMS after trying it out personally and will point those out below:

  • Package:
    • The AERODRUMS are past prototype and ready for retail. The whole package is fairly affordable, at $200.00 you get the software, special keyboard to program the drums, foot sensors, sticks and stick sensors. The foot sensors just strap onto your feet very easily and work extremely well. You will need a monitor and a computer to use AERODRUMS as there is a screen that shows you the virtual drum kit you are playing and what you are hitting.
    • You can either plug it into headphones or a speaker, and you are able to adjust the volume.
  • Hitability:
    • I know that’s not a word but the ability to hit the drum components on target still needs a little improvement.
      • For example:
      • You still cannot do buzz rolls
      • I found myself crashing instead of hitting the hi hat and hitting the high tom to the right instead of the floor tom. Although, with some adjustments to the placement of the virtual kit this can be fixed to some degree.
    • Fun Factor:
      • This thing is really fun, however, I don’t see it being used for functional practicing.
      • It’s more of a fun toy for people who are looking to get into drumming or
      • a gift for the pro drummer that has it all and might get a kick out of this.
      • It can also be a fun party attraction where you can set up an area for people to come try to play drums. A pricy attraction nonetheless but no more than a clown or tarot card reader for cost, if not less!
    • Practicality:
      • As I mentioned before, this is more of a cool toy for drummers rather than a functioning practice tool to improve drumming, but that’s just my personal opinion and you may find differently.
      • For the same price you can also get a cheap acoustic or electric drum set (especially if you look into the used market), and get more out of those utility wise.
      • Keep in mind the speed and function of your computer will play a big role on how AERODRUMS runs, so make sure your computer is compatible before you purchase it.
      • If your computer is too slow the software may crash or there may be delays in your playing.


If you get a chance to try this product, I highly recommend it! It’s fun and worth experimenting with. Go on their web site for more information:



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