Hitting a wall with your drumming. Staying motivated.

If you’re like me, you love to play drums but sometimes you find yourself getting bored and hitting a wall with your drumming. Maybe you’ve played the same groove over and don’t know what else to play. Or you’re bored with the way your kit looks and sounds. Whatever the reason, keeping our relationship fresh and exciting with the drums is an important factor in improving our skills as a drummer.

  1. Changing your setup

Motivation is a huge aspect of playing drums – you need to be motivated to learn and practice and play. Getting new gear is always an easy way to motivate yourself, although, it can be costly. You can go as far as buying a whole new drum set to simply changing the placement of one of your cymbals to try to change things up! For me, changing my drumheads is a great way for me to motivate myself to play. I tend to grow tired of the same drum sound and like to experiment with new drum sounds. I love doing this with cymbals too but that costs a lot more money, so I don’t do that as often.

  1.  Changing Sticks

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.05.00 PMAnother affordable way of motivating yourself is trying out new pairs of drumsticks. It’s amazing what switching up drumsticks can do for your playing! Changing up drumsticks can make you realize how much you liked a certain pair you used to play with, or, on the other hand make you realize that you are much more comfortable playing with a different stick that’s thinner/thicker, has a different type of bead etc.

  1.  Playing new genres

The easiest way to freshen things up behind the drum set is to branch outside of what you usually like to play. For example, if you only play rock music, try playing some jazz! The technique you use in each genre of music is VERY different and will force you to learn new beats, patterns, licks, sticking, and general playing style. Metal is also a genre that will introduce you to the world of double pedal and really challenge you with blast beats, time signatures and odd rhythms that you made have ever heard before. Sometimes listening to the music alone will not give you the insight you need to learn how to play these new genres, in which case you should hop on over to YouTube and watch tutorials or other drummers playing certain songs and seeing how they play it. Another option is to buy a music book for that genre that has exercises and sticking that will teach you how to play these new patterns.

Hopefully these methods give you some ideas to work with to keep it fresh behind the drum set and encourage you to practice more and have lots of fun doing it! Changing things can be intimidating, but can really go a long way to making you a better, more well rounded player.

Mahru Madjidi

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