Best Books For Drummers

Best Books For Drummers

If you don’t use any books to learn drumming, you may want to re-think that decision.  Rudiment and other types of drumming books are some of the best tools to improving your chops.  Here are five of the best books on the market.  Keep in mind there are many, many, different books out there that are awesome, these are just some recommendations, so if you finish these or want something else, go online and you can find many more.  With that said, if you can play what’s in these books, you can play pretty much anything!

*NOTE:  I know a lot of drummers do not read music but fear not!  Drum music is the easiest of any instrument to read, I guarantee you will pick it up by the first page!  Make sure you add a metronome while you practice and focus on getting an equal tone and bounce on each stroke and hit.

BOOK #1:  STICK CONTROL by George Lawrence

This book is a MUST HAVE for any drummer.  Whether you are starting off or a pro, this book will really fine tune or develop your foundational skill sets.  The key to this book isn’t the difficulty of the rhythms, rather, playing them at the proper speed will require you to develop the right technique.  I promise you that you will notice changes right away!  After you finish playing these rudiments on the snare drum, try them with double bass pedals – that’s what famous drummer Thomas Lang did and swears by!


Ted Reed does a great job pushing our limbs to do things outside of what we are used to.  This is another great book for drummers of all different experience levels.  Try adding a swing pattern on the ride and your foot on the 2 and 4 of each measure while playing these rudiments for an extra challenge!


If you want a more challenging book that will turn you into a jazz master on the drums look no farther!  Jim Chapin is absolutely brilliant and put some very challenging rhythms in this book.  This book is better geared for intermediate and advanced drummers.  Getting through the whole book is quite the challenge so make sure to take a slow and be patient.


Not only is this book tons of fun, but you will really find yourself improving on your linear rhythms on the drum set.  Although this book has “Funk” patterns in it, there are lots of modern beats that you can use in any genre.

BOOK #5  PORTAITS IN RHYTHM by Anthony J. Cirone

Though it’s a snare drum rudiment book, snare drum playing and reading skills are of the utmost importance on the drum set. The snare drum is the heart of the drum set and played more than any other drum.  This book will develop your snare drum skills to the max.  If you can play what’s in this book, you will be able to play any snare drum part out there.

One thought on “Best Books For Drummers

  1. Thank you, that is a fine collection of essential studying material.

    Besides chops and technique, tuning and control over the sound of your drum kit is essential, too.

    To broaden your expressivness and ability to serve the song, composition or a musical idea, it is more then helpful to know about the characteristic of drums and your drumkit in particular and to excerise on that.

    J. Socott Johnson’s Drum Tuning Bible ( is an excellent book on that topic. And it’s even free.


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