Forest Fire Limited Edition Drum Sets!

Forest Fire Limited Edition Drum Sets!

Wonderful news everyone! Outlaw Drums is now offering limited segmented solid wood edition Forest Fire drum sets! Only 10 of these drum sets are going to be built a year so contact Outlaw DSC_6958Drums quickly if you are interested because once they are sold out, no more will ever be built! Each is signed and dated.

You may have seen the Outlaw Drums Forest Fire Snare drum at your local Guitar Center, but until now, Outlaw Drums has never made an entire drum set with the gorgeous Forest Fire finish! The Forest Fire drum is one of Outlaw Drums’ most popular models, and for good reason.  Not only does the drum have a classic wood look that Outlaw Drums is known for, but the Forest Fire finish has a sharp, charred, rustic look that makes it stand out among other drums in its class. The Forest Fire drums are built from select Yellow  pine wood that makes the drum sound as classic as it looks. With the Forest Fire kit, Drummers have many options with tuning and can tune it high for a nice “crack” or “pop”, or low for the deeper “thud” sound.  The  Beautiful wood gives each drum a unique voice that is loud and will cut through any venue and sounds beautiful when recorded or played live.  All in all, the Forest Fire kit is a work of art that is built for the drummer that is looking for a sound and look that is different and unique; and the Forest Fire kit delivers on all those grounds and more!

Visit Outlaw Drums web site at  to make further sales inquiries.  Hurry while you still have a chance to get your very own one of a kind Forest Fire Outlaw Drums limited edition Forest Fire Drum.

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