Southern yellow pine with all its desirable features is not famous as a “showy” wood.  However, occasionally a board does show up with a wavy characteristic that can be called showy.  This wavy or erratic grain is commonly referred to as “curly”. This curly effect is more common in maple lumber, but from time to time this pattern will make its way to the Southern yellow pine.  On the whole Southern curly pine is not a standard item in an average lumber yard.  Very seldom seen and used even less in the construction of many items.  Very little is known about the relative occurrence of curly pine.  The occurrence is sporadic and uncommon.  Whether the wood is producDSC_6200ed by the abnormal growth of a tree, if it’s unnatural or if its irregular growth is caused by injury, insects, birds, mechanical damage or an inherited characteristic, is unknown.  However, this abnormal growth is not usually found in small trees or small logs, only in old-growth mature timber.  With the small production of this type of wood, what can be done?  Build a doorway, a common decorative panel or something else to just look at, no!  In steps Michael Outlaw and his dream for something different and special, he thrives on finding this abnormal lumber and transforming it into a beautiful creation.  Michael has a knack for finding this lumber finding these boards in odd places.  Using these boards to create stunningly beautiful pieces of art, so why not have something truly unique and beautiful to behold and have the ability to produce beautiful sounds.

Outlaw Drums, American Wood Reborn, creating beauty from the unusual.

Derrick Wilkerson.

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