Glow In the Dark drums

Do you like the look of your drum set? Perhaps your kit could use a spark? Now, Outlaw Drums proudly introduces a new way to light up your drums and the stage with the new Glow In The Dark Outlaw Drums!


Drums are commonly viewed as the centerpiece of a stage and often times you will see the bass drum head proudly bolstering the logo or name of the band playing on that stage. Drum lighting products have taken this idea to a whole new level by selling packages of lights that you can place around your bass drum, and other parts of the kit, to make your kit brighter than a Christmas tree.  Some believe that the drum lighting doesn’t work as well without using an acrylic kit because the clear shells allow for the lighting toDSC_6645 shine through, whereas the lights are a bit more dull on a much more common non-acrylic style drum set.  This is where the Glow In The Dark Outlaw Drums come in! DSC_6657

By creating a beautiful wood shell and using a glow in the dark styled finish, Outlaw Drums has paved a way for drummers to get the savvy look of the drum lighting, without the added cost or the electrical wiring process! These Glow In The Dark Outlaw Drums make a great addition to a kit with or without any existing drum lighting! Check out the Outlaw Drums Facebook page for more on these awesome new Glow In the Dark drums

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